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October Careers in Construction month! It is exciting to have our industry in the spotlight — showing appreciation for the construction workforce as well as increasing awareness of the opportunities available. While we may be a little bias, we think a career in construction is a great, life-long and rewarding choice. We are always happy to provide advice, information or answer questions about construction careers. Feel free to contact us.

We are fortunate to have a great group of construction personnel at HCP/DGC — shout out to them! However, we are always looking for smart, hard working individuals to join our team. In the event you haven’t heard, there is a skilled labor shortage. Home Check Plus is involved in many efforts to promote careers in construction. You can help too!

Support CMBA Tools for Schools

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rachel Gruber (Dale’s daughter). I’ve worked at HCP for 12 years in the role of marketing, HR and operations. I’m also involved in our local builders association, the Central Minnesota Builders Association or CMBA. I currently serve on the CMBA Board of Directors. I previously was on the Remodelers Council Board for 6 years and for the last few years I’ve also been a part of the CMBA Tools for Schools Committee. The CMBA Tools for Schools provides grants to local schools to support their industrial tech departments.

This year, the St. Cloud area schools submitted over $30,000 in grant requests. Many of the schools’ needs are replacing old, broken tools that are unsafe to use.

I joined the CMBA Tools for Schools committee because I’m passionate about exposing youth to carpentry and the trades. We have experienced first hand a shortage of skilled workforce. Who else in the construction industry can relate?!?!?! Instead of sitting back and complaining how we can’t find any employees, we’re doing something about the labor shortage. We’re trying to help provide the necessary tools and materials, so the industrial tech instructors can do their job — help teach kids the trades, spark interest and educate students about careers in construction.

YOU CAN HELP TOO! A donation to the CMBA Tools for Schools Fund of ANY amount ($5, $50, $500…) goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. Donate HERE.

As an industry and community, let’s pull our resources together, so we can show these students, instructors & schools that we care, that supporting the education & training of the trades is a worthy investment and we are interested in employing these students in the future.

CLICK HERE to donate to the CMBA Tools for Schools Fund. Please share this with your colleagues, friends, family….you don’t have to be in construction to donate. If you work in an office building, live in a house/apartment…you have a connection to the building industry and we could use your help. I sincerely THANK YOU in advance for your donation!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Rachel Gruber
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