Get to Know…Grant Heglund – HCP Estimator/PM

Get to know Grant Heglund

Grant Heglund is an Estimator/Project Manager for Home Check Plus. He also does our drafting! Since 2018, Grant’s been a great addition to the team. He’s very thorough with all aspects of a remodel project and always focused on making sure our clients are happy. Continue reading to learn more about Grant.

Why did you decide to go into construction?

At a very young age, I was always fascinated by how things were built. My parents were very supportive of my interests, so it all started when I was a toddler and I would play “fixing things” at my Little Tikes workbench. As I grew up I would help my grandpa with construction projects. His payment for my help was usually in tools. This fueled my passion for carpentry and collecting tools. I had the unique opportunity in my high school construction class to be a part of six house builds by the time I graduated. I would come in early or stay late, I even helped teach one of the intro classes, I wanted to learn as much as I could from my teacher while passing on what I learned to those who were interested. I love construction because you can be apart of something bigger than yourself. I hang my hat on the satisfaction of driving by a completed project and saying, “I was a part of that.” Although my wife tells me I don’t need to say that every single time we drive by a client’s project.

What do you like most about your working at HCP/DGC?

I like learning how to build things right the first time and learning how to come up with creative solutions to unique situations. Between working with our carpenters and Dale’s mentoring, there is a wealth of knowledge that I thoroughly enjoy learning from every single day. Not only do I use this knowledge at work, but I also use it on my own house projects. My first job in high school was at a hardware store, I learned very quickly that I should take the opportunity to learn from others that have years of experience. This has greatly benefited me as I’ve carried that attitude throughout my life.

Favorite aspect of being an Estimator/Project Manager?

One of my favorite parts of project managing is meeting with the client, getting to know them, and their dreams for a project. I then go back to the office and hit the ground running coming up with a plan to make the project a reality. Seeing the project from start to finish is very rewarding. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing bathroom remodels, home additions, and new decks/outdoor spaces be completely transformed. I like working on existing houses, because if remodeled correctly, the character of an older home can not be replicated, thus making it one of a kind.

The biggest thing you’ve learned so far?

The biggest thing I’ve learned in my career so far is that there is a lot to learn. Even with construction materials or processes, they are always evolving. I like working in the building industry because you can spend your career learning about new information and the different necessities to build a house, restaurant, or dental clinic.

More about Grant…

I am an alumnus of St. Cloud State University, I have a degree in Technology Management, with an emphasis in construction management. I have been married for 4 years to my wonderful wife named Caitlin and we have a golden retriever named Wade.
My favorite power tool brand is Milwaukee, they are the best.

In my free time, you can typically find me doing some type of project. My wife and I are in the middle of remodeling our first house. When I’m not working on my own home, I usually am helping a friend or family member with a house project. I also enjoy being outdoors; hunting and fishing are my favorite outdoor hobbies.

One last thing…

I don’t typically share this until meeting in person, but I am a Packer fan…

Grant can be reached at 320-529-4800 or



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