Featured Product – Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels

Featured Product – Nichiha Panels

The DGC team is always looking for innovative building products and processes to best suit our client’s needs. We are especially mindful of the importance of utilizing cost effective solutions, while still achieving our high building standards.

A great building product we’d like to highlight is Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels. Made of fiber cement, Nichiha panels offer durability and the aesthetics of your desired building material. Essentially, with Nichiha, you can get the look you want for less time and money. WIN!

Benefits of Nichiha Panels

Easy Installation – Time saving clip installation system reduces construction time and minimizes mistakes.

Low Maintenance – No-fuss products. Simple ongoing cleaning and regular maintenance. 

Moisture Management – Protect your walls from rain and extreme weather elements with built-in rainscreen.

Performance Engineered — Enjoy the look you love for years to come with durable construction that is resistant to warping, rotting and pests.

Any Weather Product — Nichiha products can be installed year round in any climate. 

Nichiha Panel Design Options

Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels are available in a wide array of designs – textures, finishes and colors. The collection is broken down into these series; each containing several design options.

  • Masonry Series
  • Brick Series
  • Kurastone Series
  • Concrete Series
  • Wood Series
  • Modern Series
  • Dimension Series
  • Designer Series

Source: nichiha.com

DGC + Nichiha

Dale Gruber Construction used Nichiha architectural wall panels on a couple of commercial projects. We’re currently using this building product for Stone Gate Dental. Read more about that project, here. We selected Nichiha panels because the design and performance matched what our client was looking for. Using Nichiha panels also allowed us the opportunity to continue construction of the building throughout the winter. When you live in Minnesota, having a building product that is flexible with various weather climates is incredibly beneficial. 

Interested in learning more about Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels? Contact us! We’d love to chat with you and determine if they are a good fit for your next commercial project.



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