Smart Homes + Remodeling

Smart Homes + Remodeling
When planning to remodel your home, it is smart to consider incorporating smart home technology into your project. The motive for remodeling is often to update your home, improve functionality and make a space more livable. These happen to also be some of the benefits of smart home technology and home automation. An important aspect to keep in mind is, just like home remodeling, adding smart home technology doesn’t need to be completed all at once; you can do so in phases. There are smart home solutions to fit everyone’s needs and budget. 

Audio Visual Extremes (AVX) is a local company that specializes in all things home automation. They are a smart group of people who will guide you through the process and provide recommendations based on your needs and budget. AVX uses Control4, a user-friendly home automation control system, that allows you to easily manage your smart home features from your smart phone, tablet, computer or any web-enabled device.

Check out some of the best home automation elements to include in your home remodel.

Whole House Audio/Video
Listen to music and watch tv/movies in every room and even outside. What you want, when you want it, from any web-enabled device.

Climate Control
Adjust every room to maximize efficiency. With smart thermostats, you can program your heat and A/C for different times of the day and year. Save money, live comfortably.

Connected Door Locks
Schedule specific access times and temporary codes to visitors as well as remotely lock and unlock connected doors from any web-enabled device. You can also program all doors to lock at once at the start or end of the day.

Lighting Control
Set the mood, enhance safety and maximize energy efficiency with dimmers and automatic occupancy sensors.

Use your automated home to monitor security cameras, control your security system and even simulate occupancy while you’re away.

Shading Solutions
Battery operated window shades available in roller, honeycomb, or draper rod that fully integrate with your home automation solutions.

Thanks, AVX for all the great ideas! Interested in learning more about how you can incorporate smart technology in your home renovation? Let’s chat – contact us!




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