Lasers in Construction

Lasers In Construction2

The use of lasers has transformed many industries, including the building industry. On a regular basis our job tasks are more efficient and accurate all thanks to lasers. Let’s talk about a few lasers commonly utilized in construction. 

1. Laser Distance Meter

This pocket-sized laser is small, but mighty. As it’s name suggests, the laser distance meter measures distance. We use the laser distance meter frequently in the estimating phase of a construction project – it makes obtaining field measurements during a site visit quick and easy. With one hand and a simple point and click, you can accurately measure even hard to access areas such as high ceilings; no tape measure, ladder or additional person needed.

2. Cross Line Laser

The cross line laser casts a bright steady-state level line (horizontal), a plumb line (vertical) or both. The DGC field crews use the cross line laser for tasks involving leveling and layouts, ie: framing walls. Completion of such tasks, once required marking several measurements, snapping lines, the use of a level & plumb bob…it was time consuming and at risk of human error. Now with the aid of a cross line laser, the process is significantly streamlined and accurate. In a world where time is money, a cross line laser improves our efficiency, which in turn benefits our clients.

3. Total Station Laser

The capabilities of a total station are expansive, impressive and have totally revolutionized the construction industry for land surveyors, civil engineers, builders, mechanical contractors, electricians…everyone. To be honest, we don’t have a total station, however we have seen them in use on our projects. Features of a total station include angle, distance and coordinate measurement as well as data processing. A drawing can be uploaded through computer software and the total station communicates details of the drawing to the construction site. In basic terms, total stations help with construction layouts; improving accuracy while reducing labor time. A total station is incredibly beneficial for large construction projects where building information modeling (BIM) is used.

Technology is great; especially when it helps the DGC team carry out our motto of Building Today for a Better Tomorrow. Don’t get us wrong, we still use our tape measures and levels regularly, but it is always nice to have tools that make our jobs easier.  

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