5 Deck Maintenance Tips!

5 Deck Maintenance Tips

Decks are a great spot to enjoy summer! Regardless of what material your deck is made of, it is important to do regular maintenance to prolong the life of your deck. Check out our 5 deck maintenance tips.

1. Clean Deck

Twice a year we recommend a thorough cleaning of your deck; using a garden hose or pressure washer. Note: Pressure washers are nice for saving time and labor, however, they are powerful; it is important to use correctly, so you don’t cause damage.

2. Sweep Regularly

In addition to the thorough cleaning, it is wise to sweep your deck off regularly to remove any dirt, leaves, debris, water, etc. Accumulations of dirt and leaves can stain the surface of your deck. And pools of water may result in the wood rotting over time.

3. Grease Catcher

If you have a grill on your deck, it is best to use a grease catcher as grease stains are difficult to remove.

4. Seal Regularly

Sealing your deck protects the wood against rain and sun. Even pressure-treated wood should be sealed regularly. Without a sealant your deck is exposed; causing the wood to expand due to rain as well as shrink/dry out from the sun. This cycle can cause the wood to crack, warp, cup and other unsightly issues.

5. Check for Damage

Inspect your deck periodically and check for any damage – soft spots, loose fasteners or boards, rotten areas, etc. Try to fix damaged areas promptly; especially if it presents a safety or health hazard.

Completing these 5 deck maintenance tips will help keep your deck looking nice and in great condition. We hope you find this information useful. Call us with any questions, 320-529-4800.



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