Why your Remodeling Contractor Should Purchase the Materials

Remodel Contractor Purchase Materials

With every home improvement or remodel project, there are materials that need to be purchased. Either you, the client, buys the products and hires a contractor for installation only, or you have the contractor supply material and labor for the project.

There are few reasons why people sometimes buy their own materials.

1. Price – They’ve researched what they want and determined where they can get it for the best price. Or maybe they’ve found a close out item. Also, there is no contractor’s mark up.

2. Trying to Help – Some people buy the materials because they think they are being helpful to the contractor – saving time and effort.

3. Already Purchased – Occasionally a DIY project becomes more complex or time consuming than expected, so they already have the materials.

Dale Gruber Construction understands this perspective, all valid points. However, these advantages often turn into disadvantages. As a contractor, we highly recommend having us, your contractor purchase the material. Here’s why…

1. Price

Yes, we do apply a reasonable and fair mark up to the materials we purchase. Why? Well, there are many steps involved in the ordering process. Including but not limited to researching materials, creating a material list, communication with vendor, checking accuracy of order. It all takes time. There is the potential to actually save money as contractors often get special pricing on products due to contractor/vendor relationship.

2. Expertise

We certainly don’t claim to know everything, but we have a good knowledge of products on the market and the  understanding of what would work best for your particular project and matches your needs. There are variables with remodeling – replacing old with new. We account for those variables to ensure a smoother installation process.

3. Peace of Mind

You don’t have to worry about purchasing the right thing or the right amount or that it’s going to be delivered on time. That’s our responsibility. We check the material for quality and quantity accuracy. If by chance the wrong material was ordered, that falls on our plate, not yours.

4. Warranty

Definitely the biggest reason (in our opinion) is we provide a workmanship warranty when we purchase the material. We guarantee the materials we use, products we install and our work meet our high standard. Should anything occur during the 1 year warranty timeframe, you can call us and we will look into it at no expense to you.

Hopefully you find this explanation of why your contractor should purchase material helpful. We at Dale Gruber Construction are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us.



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