Women In Construction – Inspire, Empower, Celebrate!

Women In Construction 2023

It is Women in Construction week! As a woman-owned business, Dale Gruber Construction is especially proud to applaud and acknowledge the importance of women in the construction industry.

As many know, I (Rachel Gruber) am a runner. Several years ago, I wrote about the Lessons Learned from Running Marathons. Click here to read. Quite often I notice my running world parallels with my professional world. In 2022, I purchased Dale Gruber Construction from my Dad and became the new President and Owner of the business. Last year I also achieved another major milestone and ran the historic Boston Marathon. Coincidentally, 2022 marked the 50th Anniversary of the official inclusion of women in the Boston Marathon. In 1972, eight women lined up with the men and ran the streets from Hopkinton to Boston; proving to the world that women are just as capable at long-distance running. It is wild to me to think about how this sport I love wasn’t really legal until 50 years ago. I’m forever grateful for the pioneers in women’s sports; specifically running who paved the way for future generations of women and girls. The tagline for the 126th Annual Boston Marathon was Inspire, Empower, Celebrate. These words hold an incredible amount of value to me. As a woman in construction and a leader in this industry, I try to channel those eight brave ladies and…

INSPIRE women and young girls to consider a career in construction.
EMPOWER women to get involved & be smart, confident leaders.
CELEBRATE the trailblazers of the past, present and future.

Dale Gruber Construction supports and recognizes all the women who work in construction. You help us with our mission of Building Today for a Better Tomorrow.



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