The Importance of Landscaping

The Importance of Landscaping

There are many benefits of landscaping including curb appeal, environmentally good for air & water, shade & cooling, improved quality of life. Also, landscaping is an important aspect of protecting your home’s foundation. Let’s dive deeper into this benefit of landscaping with these five landscaping tips.

1. Grade Your Landscape Properly.

Water near your home’s foundation can lead to bad news bears, so it is important to pay attention to water runoff. We recommend that your landscape should be graded at least six inches downward for every ten horizontal feet from your foundation. Monitoring the grade regularly and check for any low points is also highly encouraged; especially before the ground freezes. A common occurrence happens during the spring time — due to the warmth of your house, the ground near your foundation thaws earlier than the rest of your yard and some settling can occur. When it rains, the water needs to find someplace to go; potentially gravitating towards those lower areas. This can lead to water penetrating the foundation and water in your basement.

2. Gutter Systems.

Runoff from gutters can quickly erode your slope. We recommend using gutter extensions to push water at least five feet away from your foundation. While having gutters is important, it is equally if not more important your gutters are clear of leaves, sticks & debris to ensure they function as intended.

3. Landscape All Sides.

One may think to just landscape the front of your house as that is what most people see, right? Well, landscaping only one side leaves the other sides susceptible to receiving more water, which as we’ve explained can lead to foundation issues.

4. Tree Position.

Trees are nice, beautiful and offer many benefits. Large trees equals large roots which equals potential for causing havoc on your foundation. It is best to position large trees away from your house. When selecting trees simply be mindful of the distance of the tree from your house, the tree species and the soil composition. If the trees are already existing and you are concerned, we suggest consulting a professional to discuss your options.

5. Use Concrete Wisely.

Concrete landscaping including paths, patios, driveways, sidewalks, should all be designed to direct water runoff away from your foundation. Stagnant water is hazardous for your home’s foundation. Also, it is important to have balance — a large expanse of concrete on one side and a frequently watered flower garden bed on the other could negatively impact your home’s foundation. It is okay to have the two landscape elements, just is important they are done well and sloped away from your house.

We hope you found this information beneficial. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.



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