Winter Window Care

Winter Window Care

Throughout Winter, we receive many questions and concerns pertaining to windows. So, let’s talk about Winter window care.

Lock Windows.

A common mistake people make is failing to lock their windows. The purpose of the lock is not strictly for security, the locking mechanism is what creates the seal between the weather stripping and the window sash. If the window isn’t locked, there is a gap, which obviously allows cold air inside. Also, if unlocked for an extended period of time, warping of the window sash can occur.

Open Window Treatments.

We suggest to keep your window treatments open as much as possible. Doing so allows air to circulate, offsetting the temperature difference between the cold window glass and warm house. As a result, the moisture can evaporate; preventing condensation on your windows.

Open Windows.

Occasionally open a couple windows for about 10 minutes to help with indoor air quality. This particularly pertains to those homes without an air exchanger or HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system. Speaking of, if you do have an air exchanger or HRV system, check that it is on and that the filters are clean. Defeats the purpose to operate the systems if the filters are dirty.


We already mentioned condensation a little bit already, but it is a popular concern, so it’s worthy of discussing more thoroughly. When condensation occurs on your windows, it is easy to wonder if there is an issue with the windows quality or installation. It is true, newer double pane windows with low-e glass coating and argon gas filling are less susceptible to condensation than single pane windows. However, more than likely, the reason for condensation is due to humidity levels. During the winter, we crank up the heat to stay warm and then to combat the dryness, we run humidifiers. Without getting too sciency, cool air holds less water vapor (moisture) than warm air. Water vapor that can no longer be held by the cold air is deposited on the window glass. Still with us? This is not to say we don’t recommend using a humidifier, but it is about finding balance. A relative humidity level between 30-40% is recommended during the winter.

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