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Our Marketing & HR Manager, Rachel Gruber, was recently featured it BAM’s Minnesota Homebuilder Magazine. Continue reading for the full interview.
Q. How long have you been with a member of an HBA (Home Builders Association)?

A. I’ve been working at Dale Gruber Construction for almost 10 years. Dale Gruber Construction joined the Central Minnesota Builders Association in 1984.

Q. How did you get into this field of work? 

A. I attended college at the University of St. Thomas for Marketing and HR Management. After graduating, I spent a few years working in a couple different industries. In 2008, my dad, Dale Gruber (the owner and President of Dale Gruber Construction), was in the process of updating the company websites and in need of assistance, so I joined the team.

Q. What do you think your most important accomplishment has been during your time of work?

A. I think developing and integrating a comprehensive and cohesive marketing plan for both companies – Dale Gruber Construction and Home Check Plus. I helped an organization with minimal focus on marketing become one that has a better understanding of who they are, who their customers are and how to meet their needs. During the recession, we remained fully staffed and since have experienced significant growth.

Q. What are the skills you use most in your career?

A. Communication, problem solving, leadership, organization, detail oriented and creative thinking are some of the skills I utilize.

Q. Give us an overview of your role and key responsibilities.

A. As Marketing Manager, I plan, coordinate, analyze our marketing initiatives including social media, promotions, advertising, websites and digital media. I also write content for our blog, websites and newsletters. My role as HR Manager involves recruiting and retaining employees.

Q. What does an average day for you involve?

A. There isn’t really an average day…every day is different – there is a lot of variety in what I do and what our companies do, which makes it interesting and fun.

Q. What do you believe are the biggest challenges you face in your business?

A. As with many trades, one of our biggest challenges we face is the skilled labor shortage.

Q. What are the greatest opportunities?

A. While the workforce shortage is one of our biggest challenges, it is also an opportunity for us in the construction industry to inform and encourage youth, parents and educators about the great career opportunities in construction trades. It’s an exciting time to be in the building industry – not only are we seeing an increased interest and growth in the private sector, but also there are many new innovative products on the market. At Dale Gruber Construction, we believe in Building Today for a Better Tomorrow, so the advancements in smart technology and eco-friendly products enable us to build structures that are beneficial to our clients and future generations.

Q. How has being a member of an HBA benefitted your business?

A. Being a member of an HBA for over 34 years has been invaluable to the business. Our involvement in an HBA shows credibility to our clients, provides networking & education opportunities and is a great way to support the building industry. We also benefit from all the government affairs initiatives – it is reassuring knowing we have representation at the Capitol; fighting for issues that impact our business.



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