Featured Product: Florim Commercial Tile

Featured Commercial Tile Product

At Dale Gruber Construction, we’re always looking for new and innovative products to use for our commercial construction projects. Advancements in technology aid in our ability to offer our clients creative solutions for their building needs. We’d like to share a great flooring option by Florim. Florim utilizes technology to produce unique commercial tile product that is porcelain, but can have the appearance of other materials such as marble, granite, concrete, etc. The process to create the tile starts with a very high resolution scan of the existing material, followed by high resolution and extremely detailed digital inkjet printing of the scan onto the porcelain. Florim takes great pride in their research and development, so the end product is the best possible realization; sometimes better than the starting point.

The above photo is an example of what to the eye appears to be large marble tiles, but is actually very thin porcelain tile with marble digitally printed. Amazing, right? Florim tile is an excellent choice for commercial (& residential) applications for several reasons, including:

PRICE – In most cases, the cost is less than the original material

DURABILITY – Porcelain tile is durable; well suited for high traffic areas

SIZE – Available in a variety of size options, including large sizes

EASE of INSTALLATION – Thin, lighter weight and user-friendly

MAINTENANCE – Minimal maintenance required, easy to clean

MANY APPLICATIONS — Can be used for floors, walls, ceilings, counters, stairs, walkways, window sills, interior & exterior

Interested in learning more? Contact us! ​Check out some of Florim commercial tile collections below.

Alabastri di Rex

I Classici di Rex


Planches de Rex


Stone & More



Images from: www.florim.com



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