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Dale Corner – Hammer Time
One might think a hammer is a hammer, right? Actually, there are different hammers for different applications. The wide variety of hammer designs lets you find one that’s right for your project. Here are three of the most common types of hammers:

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Finish Hammer

  • Usually around13 oz.
  • Short handle, less than 16 inches long
  • Curved claw for easy nail removal
  • For finish nails

Curved or Straight Claw Hammer

  • Usually around 16 oz
  • For driving and removing nails
  • Performing general carpentry
  • Curved claw provides leverage when removing nails
  • Straight claws designed for ripping out boards
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Finish Hammer

  • Between 22-28 oz
  • For driving and removing large nails
  • Performing heavy carpentry work
  • Added weight and longer handle give added power to the hammer.
The handle of a hammer can be wood, steel or fiberglass. The benefit of steel or fiberglass is that they are stronger and have better balance. The cost of hammers can vary significantly. Generally speaking, the price reflects the quality of how the hammer is made and how it will perform. If you plan to use the hammer a lot, I recommend investing in a good quality hammer.

The other day, we had a friendly little hammering competition between Home Check Plus and Dale Gruber Construction. CLICK HERE to watch the video and see who won!



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