6 Benefits of Kitchen Islands

Benefits of Kitchen Islands
Does your kitchen have issues with storage, arrangement or function? Adding a kitchen island is a way to help solve these problems and they look nice too! Below are several benefits to kitchen islands.


1. An island adds storage — another area for drawers, pull out shelves and cabinets.


2. A kitchen island is perfect for kids — the space can be used as a homework zone or they can help out and be involved in meal preparation.


3. Extra seating — a kitchen island can act as an informal dining area for the kids or additional seating when entertaining.


4. A movable kitchen island adds versatility — ideal for smaller kitchens that need the best of both worlds – counter & floor space.


5. Place additional kitchen amenities at your island — incorporating a prep sink, refrigerator drawers or maybe a stove could make your kitchen more user-friendly.


6. Options galore — with so many countertop & cabinetry options, you can really customize a kitchen island to suit your needs and make it a focal point in your kitchen.



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