The Remodeling Unknowns

Remodeling Unknowns

If you’ve ever watched any show on HGTVDIY Network or the like, you’re familiar with the story — homeowners embark on a remodeling project and along the way come across something that they didn’t expect…AHHH!  The shock, horror, frustration, drama sure makes for good tv, right

Here’s the deal…when remodeling your home, whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or other project, you MAY encounter something you did not plan for.  Unfortunately, Dale Gruber Construction doesn’t have superhero powers to see inside walls or under flooring material. Sure would be nice if we did! Experienced remodeling contractors can usually make some good predictions, but there will always be unknowns.  A few common discoveries include:

  • Rotted wood
  • Plumbing pipes not up to code
  • Mold

Your contractor should inform you about the items in questions AND your contractor should state how they will be handled.  The key is to plan for remodeling unknowns — both financially and mentally.  You will then be prepared to make decisions and successfully continue the project through completion.

Here’s to taking all of life’s unknowns in stride!

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