Fall Building Maintenance

Fall is here! Which means Winter is not far behind. Are you ready? Is your building ready? Let’s talk about Fall commercial building maintenance…


If you haven’t turned the furnace on yet, you likely will soon. Have you checked your furnace and HVAC system? Is it working properly? Does it need to be serviced? Have you changed your furnace filters?


Check the condition of your entry (service?) doors. Are they energy efficient or is there heat loss? Is the weather stripping worn out and need replacing?


For those with color concrete exteriors, has the block been sealed within the last 5 years? Do any exterior repairs need to be made?


Complete maintenance of the grounds as well. Trimming trees and bushes, raking leaves, mowing the grass one last time before snow falls.


Do you have your snow plowing and removal company secured? If doing in house, is your equipment tuned up and ready?


Regular walk-throughs of the interior and exterior of the building are advised. Check for any potential issue areas; making sure all is in working order. Take immediate action to fix, repair, replace as needed before it becomes a larger issue.


Now is the time to start planning for next year. What construction projects need to be factored into the budget for next year? Have you selected a contractor for your projects?

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