Types of Proposals

Sept Types of Proposals

At Home Check Plus, we have a few types of proposal options. The reason being, we do a wide variety of different projects of all sizes and complexity. Continue reading to learn more about each proposal type.

1. Time & Material or T & M

Time & Material proposals are as the name suggests…we provide our hourly rates and your project invoice will include the time and material required to complete the project. This is a very efficient process. There is less office time involved being we don’t develop a complete scope of work and receive material or subcontractor pricing. With over 30 years in the remodeling industry and our highly skilled carpenters, we have the knowledge to tackle any project. T & M proposals are often used for smaller projects (i.e.: replacing doors) or projects with some unknowns (i.e.: potential rotted wood). T & M proposals also work well for large scale projects, where having an exact project cost might not be essential.


2. Hard Bid

The hard and thorough bid is our most common proposal type. It is very detailed and outlines exactly what is all included. We likely will include allowances (i.e.: cabinetry, countertop, flooring), which means we’ve factored in a certain amount for that aspect of the project. Depending on the selections chosen during that phase of the project, that amount could end up being more, less or right on the money. If your project should come in under our bid price, we always provide a credit on your invoice. Hard bid proposals are popular for kitchens, bathrooms, porches and window replacement projects.


3. Budget

Our budget proposal isn’t quite as formal as the above two, however it is worth noting. We often provide a budget when you’re in the planning phase of a project, maybe not 100% sure if you want to do it or would like to know how much to save. We’ve completed many remodeling projects over the years, so while we won’t know the exact details, we can provide a range for your particular project. So when we ask for your budget, our intention isn’t to get the most money out of you. We simply know what most projects will cost and we want to make sure we both are on the same page. Or with your budget number, we can share with you what is feasible with your budget amount and how to get the most bang for your buck.


During our initial phone conversation with you, we learn more about your project and help determine the best proposal option for you. Regardless of the type of proposal we use for your project, we believe in being honest and fair with our clients. We guarantee we’ll provide you with the best value and quality workmanship.


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