8 Things to Know about Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) is the system that provides heating and cooling services in a building and controls the environment in which it works. While HVAC falls under the scope of work of mechanical contractors, it is our goal as general contractors to have our client’s buildings functioning properly and as intended. Here are some things about HVAC systems that you might find beneficial.

  1. Changing filters on a regular basis is one of the most important maintenance items to do. Doing so prevents dust from building up on ceilings, in occupied spaces and the ducts themselves.
  2. Commercial HVAC systems bring in significantly more outside air than residential systems due to more people in the building, computers, etc. all of which generate more heat. This is one of the reasons why changing filters is so important.
  3. Proper insulation can decrease a building’s heating and cooling costs. It will also make the building more comfortable to be in.
  4. Sizing, balancing and zoning the HVAC system properly will result in an efficient system and will provide an even temperature throughout the space.
  5. With the main cooling season just around the corner, you should have your HVAC systems checked out to ensure they are in good working order. A simple servicing of the HVAC system can prevent a costly down time.
  6. Energy efficient windows and doors, and insulation as noted above can reduce the size of HVAC equipment needed for your building and therefore reduce installation and energy costs.
  7. Specialty temperature controlled rooms for food production or processing can also save you money long term because the products are already produced or processed close to the temperature needed for storage or shipment.
  8. Some HVAC systems in smaller commercial buildings are similar in design to residential units, but still need similar servicing as the large units do. IE: changing filters.


Specialty HVAC System – Select Food Products Project

IMG_0462Dale Gruber Construction recently worked with Select Food Products on a building remodel project in Annandale. The building is used for food production and features two production areas, two coolers, two freezers, mixing room, oven room, proof box room, wash room, offices and a shipping & receiving area. Some details about the building’s HVAC include:

  • Three vertical bread ovens were installed, so a fan exhaust was also installed to eliminate the heat created by baking. Due to the large volume of exhaust needed, a make-up air unit was installed to replace the inside air that was being exhausted. This unit brings in tempered air so the temperature in the oven room is maintained.
  • Two quick cool freezer/coolers were added. They cool the products coming out of the ovens at a rapid rate to keep all the freshness of the products inside. This entailed adding new large fan coils and chillers. Additional concrete bases were poured to hold up the new chillers on the exterior of the building.
  • The existing HVAC unit was also modified to keep the temperature in the mixer room constant. This required installing proper sized ductwork to allow for proper air distribution.

Questions or concerns about the HVAC system in your commercial building? You’re welcome to call us 320-251-4956.



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