DGC & HCP Olympics Recap!

DGC & HCP Olympics

At Home Check Plus, we love the Olympics (who doesn’t?). Since none of us our quite athletically gifted to make it to Rio, we decided to host our own Olympics on Osseo (Avenue). The DGC & HCP Olympics lasted 2 1/2 weeks and involved opening ceremonies – including the passing of the torch, highly competitive events, medals…we did it all. The staff was divided into the following teams:

Receders 3 1/2 – Travis, Doug, Bob and Dale
The Young & The Restless – Roger, Kevin and Randy
Slap Hands – Matt, Hope, Tony and Dawson
Change Order One – Bear, Paul and Steve

Continue reading for a complete recap of the DGC & HCP Olympics 2016.


Hammer Throw

We kicked off the DGC & HCP Olympics with the carpenter’s version of the hammer throw. The rules were simple – throw 12 inflatable hammers into five gallon buckets – the person who gets the most in the bucket, wins. Believe it or not, Tony Knier (who has only one good arm at the moment) won gold! Bob Eisenreich received the silver medal and Hope Schroeder bronze.


Ladder Sprint

Ladder Sprint was the second event. For this event, the athletes had to channel their inner Usain Bolt and sprint to a ladder staged near one of our buildings, climb up the ladder, grab a tape measure on the building’s roof, step back down the ladder and run back. Two lessons learned: loafers don’t make good running shoes and we have a small dip in our lot (almost caused a wipeout).



Team Water Balloon Toss

Team Water Balloon Toss closed out the games. It was a tough battle, but team Slap Hands won gold, silver went to Receders 3 1/2 and The Young & The Restless got their first medal of the games, taking home the bronze.


Closing Ceremonies

As you can see from the final medal count, Team Slap Hands dominated the games, receiving a total of 6 medals! Congratulations to all DGC & HCP Olympic athletes…you did great!!



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