Dale Gruber’s Construction Career Story

Dale Construction Career
We sat down with Dale Gruber, the owner of Home Check Plus and Dale Gruber Construction and asked him a few questions about his career in construction.

Why did you want to go into carpentry/construction?

I always liked making things with my hands. I made many toys, barns, and other items growing up as a kid. I helped my grandpa tear down homes and saved the wood to use on the farm buildings. I enjoyed building and repairing many buildings on the farm growing up, so I thought this is what I would like to do.

What’s the 1st thing you remember building?

As a kid, maybe fourth grade, I built a model size barn 3’-0’,4’-0” x 3’-0” high It was complete with the horseshoe style hay barn, stanchions for the cows and all the other items that went into a barn back in the 60’s. The barn had a rope and pulley system to haul miniature hay bales into the barn by hooking a toy tractor onto the rope and pulling them up. This was modeled after the real system in barns back then. In high school I made a magazine rack and many other pieces of furniture in wood shop.

What’s do you enjoy most about working in the industry? Being the President/Owner of HCP & DGC?

I really enjoy coming up with a design solution for the customer. Whether it is a remodeling job or a new project, I like seeing a project progress to completion. It is also nice to see my employees proud of what they have accomplished. As an owner, it is great helping employees grow in their knowledge year after year and like what they do.

Editor’s note: I thought he would say getting to work with his daughter 🙂

What skills or qualities are important to have in this line of work?

I believe patience, honesty and having the ability to visualize ideas for customers are very valuable. I think it is also important to like working both indoors & outdoors, enjoy figuring things out mathematically & visually and have the desire to continue learn new ways of doing things.

If you could give some advice to someone considering a career in construction, what would it be?

My advice would be to take as many design drafting, shop, communication and math/accounting classes as you can in high school. It’s all relevant to construction whether you want to work for someone in construction or own your own business.

For those who are considering a job change or are wondering what to do after high school, consider going to a tech college like SCTCC for the Carpentry program or the Construction Technology program; depending on what type of construction field you would like to be in.  There is a wealth of knowledge available in these programs for the construction industry. They also give you an edge over someone that has not gone through the program.



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