Tiled Showers

Tile Shower
Over time, a bathroom can look dated or no longer suit your current needs. This is why a bathroom remodel is one of our most popular remodeling projects. We’re noticing a growing trend when it comes to bathrooms, that is, opting for a tiled shower instead of tub/shower combo. A tiled shower is great for adding your own personal touch. There are so many options such as…

Type: Ceramic, porcelain, travertine or glass

Size: 4×4, 3×6, 6×6, 12×12, 13×13 or 13×18

Shape: Square or rectangle

Color: Neutral or color

Floor: mosaic — 1×1, 2×2 or pebble

Decorative Accent: Nice way to add color or use a different type of tile

Design Elements: Built-in storage, small bench

Tiling the walls up to the ceiling is wise as it prevents issues with water/moisture. Similarly if the bathroom has a lower ceiling, we recommend tiling the ceiling. Cleaning the shower is easy because we use Power Grout, which is stain resistant. You can also customize your tiled shower with multiple shower heads, grab bars or rainshower showerhead. Pair the tiled shower with a glass door and the shower really becomes a focal point of the bathroom. Below are a few of our tiled shower projects.

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